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Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Tool

Are major contributors and social obstacles for patients to manage their chronic conditions and other health needs. The first of its kind, this tool allows longitudinal monitoring of patient's status, and also allows institutions such as Community Health Centers to generate reports that will facilitate determining the network and community resources needed to meet those demands.

Health Risk Assessment Tool

A comprehensive tool that captures patient's risk status, allows identification of needed preventive services and HEDIS performance measures, and dramatically reduces the need for chart reviews (e.g. embedded BMI calculator). This tool is specifically designed to be completed by either a clinician, patient or caregiver.

PHQ-9 Depression Survey Tool

The nine questions of the PHQ-9 are based directly on the nine diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder of the Patient Health Questionnaire. It is a powerful tool to assist practitioners and clinicians with completion of the questionnaire, diagnosing depression, providing monitoring and documentation of response to treatment, and identifying undiagnosed causes of depression. The tool helps to track a patient’s overall depression severity as well as the specific symptoms that are or are not improving with treatment.

SNF Discharge Plan Tool

A comprehensive tool covering patient and caregiver engagement, transitional care and post discharge needs. Also includes follow-up care and medication reconciliation. Automatically produces an action plan that can be shared with patient, caregivers and other providers.

High-Risk Pregnancy Assessment Tool

Tool was designed by Robert Johnson, MD, a recognized authority in Perinatal Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona. It is the first tool of its kind that allows accurate identification of high-risk pregnancies by the obstetricians, facilitates referral to perinatalogists, addresses issues related to information continuity, and assists with follow-up and continuity of care with the referring obstetricians.

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Tool

Self-report questionnaire originally designed by Cox and colleagues to screen for postnatal depression. Designed to assist practitioners document completion of the questionnaire and identify mothers at risk for postnatal depression.

Patient Follow-up Tool and App

Designed as a means for the patient to accurately report back their status or change of condition in a timely manner, assisting providers to monitor and assess post-visit compliance. Designed to allow two-way communication between patients and providers to improve compliance with care plans and instructions, obtain follow-up needed appointments, report back care outcomes, and inform providers if a patient had an ED visit or inpatient admission post-encounter.

Post-Op Pain Management Assessment Tool and App

Provides the ability for physicians to follow-up directly with patients as vital to their safety, improve outcomes and quality of care and reduce health care costs. avixenas’ ability to work with any desktop or mobile device makes it the perfect platform for creating patient-facing apps that will allow patients to communicate directly with their care providers.

Tool allows practitioners to send out an email or text invite for patients to report back their pain levels and recuperation directly from the avixena apps dashboard.
• Ordering practitioners can set frequency of reporting
• The alert and prompting features can send reminders to patients via text or email
• Patients can use a web browser on any desktop or mobile device by simply clicking on the link
• Simple design of patient input screen takes only one minute to fill out and submit

Features include:
• All data is in real time
• Practitioners can securely access information anytime, anywhere using their mobile device
• Patient data is shown on dashboard and is reported in an easy to read chart
• Practitioners can alter post-op treatment based on generated reports and prevent avoidable ER visits
• Practitioners can share info with other care providers via email or fax
• Monitors medication use, including use of opioids
• HIPAA Compliant

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